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Finga'lympics 2012

Chalenge your friends to a variety of track and field sports like:

100m Sprint
Table Tennis
Vault athletics
Javelin (coming soon)
Kayak (coming soon)
Trampoline (coming soon)

Developed in London for 2012.

Arabic Gamers

Launched the arabicgamers.com website this week

Totally bespoke management system.

Used Codeigniter and Active record and lots of nice JQuery, CSS3 and HTML5.

Check it out

Google +1

Added the new Google +1 buttons today. Waiting for the new social platform to launch to investigate. Looks like facebook have a new competitor. facebook is gearing up for a new big launch so should be a good couple of months for new web tech.

The Phone Casino

The new cross-mobile platform mobile phone casino for Small Screen Casino's. A web based mobile application designed to run on modern smartphones.

We have developed a cross platform mobile interface for the existing Small Screen Casino's mobile games engine. This gives them the tools they need to reach and adapt to all the new smatphones being released every week.

They decided to make a multi device web based interface to allow them the maximum coverage of current smatphone technology. This includes all iPhone models, most Android phones and several Nokia devices.

EBICo Energy Idol Competition


We created a social marketing competition for EBICo Energy Idol Competition using facebook app API and fan pages. 

The competition is running as a facebook app allows the invitation of friends to take part. It also takes advantage of the abillity to post to its users wall, reaching a wide selection of friends through invite and notifications. 

We also tied in the fan page making it compulsary to "Like" the page before taking part.


We launched the new Cowley Manor website for the Curious Group of hotels on Tuesday. all new flash / html high-bred site to improve the SEO of the website and greatly improve the user experience.


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