Link Building & Management



One of the most important factors when determining where your web site will rank in the SERPs is the link volume and quality of links to your site. Most search engines favour web sites that have adopted an extensive link building campaign.

The reason why links are important and a good indicator of popularity is quite simple. High link volume can dramatically increase traffic to your web site. Not only will traffic be driven from the linking web sites, but also it increases your Google Pagerank. This is a factor in the measure of importance of your web site to Google. Google Pagerank is represented as a value between 0 and 10. The higher the Page Rank the more popular Google deems the web site.

The gathering of one way inbound links is by far the most rewarding yet inherently difficult to implement. The advantages of one way linking is that search engines value  a one way link far greater than a reciprocal link. The reason being that the one way Backward Link carries far more weight as if a site is willing to link to your site on its own. Therefore the search engines evaluate your site as being important to the users of that web site, and this is one of the factors  the search engines will use to calculate the importance and or popularity of your web site.

Adversely if your site is linked to from web sites that are recognised as spam or irrelevant by search engines will certainly have a detrimental effect on your web site rankings. It would also be safe to assume that you could see your web site penalised or banned by certain search engines. Throughout the link building campaign it is imperative to acquire  only high quality relevant links. We have several link building strategies from directory submissions and content writing to multiple social bookmark submissions.

We employ a tailored strategy as to where we link to and from your site. Link building is one of the most crucial parts of any search engine optimisation campaign.